The Guild of Winemakers and Winetasters, called the Vintners for short, is one the great twelve guilds of Temma. Unlike other guilds, the Vintners do not have a monopoly on the manufacture or sale of wine or other spirits, however, they do enjoy the privilege to sell wine anywhere in the city, without a license. This makes them one of the richest guilds in the city, since the Vintners allow people to acquire temporary membership, and serve wine and other spirits in various social events.

Their guild hall is Southwark, in the Viners neighborhood.

Their motto is Wine Cheers the Spirit.

Water Fowls Edit

For historic reasons, the Vintners enjoy a special privilege, where they are allowed to hunt the water fowls of the Temma River. The only other two bodies that share this privilege are the City, and the Dyers' Company. Every year these three bodies conduct a survey of the water fowls to be found on the river: ducks, geese, and swans. This was done over several days, where barges are used to corral the birds; this event eventually became the annual gala we have today.