Marron, also known as Sir Anthony Ludlow, or Lord Cecil Baron Wynch, or Finch, is a forger, a thief, a smuggler, and a con artist. He was caught several times, but the Justice has so far been unable to convict him, as every time witnesses either died, or recanted, before Marron was brought before a judge.


Born somewhere around Cheapside, Marron was a "child star" for the Gardener, quickly climbing the social ladder to become one of his "top boys". According to some who knew him back when, Marron either had a sister, a girlfriend or a friend name Scarlet Maria, who was a young prostitute, before disappearing. Unwilling to accept her disappearance, Marron broke ranks with the Gardener when he refused to locate her; according to the story, he broke into one of the the Honest Man's offices before he was 15 to offer himself as payment for Scarlet Maria's safety. The Honest Man, impressed with the young boy's audacity, agreed. Maria was quickly found, but unfortunately was no longer alive, apparently the victim of some magical experiment.

Over the next 15 years, Marron was a top earner for the Honest Man, involved in several high stake forgery and elaborate cons that have cost some noble families hundreds if not thousands of Gold Dragons.

He is now semi-retired, having decided it is possible to wear out the Honest Man's patience with his specific brand of brashness.