Yes No
  1. The important, instigating forces of history and events are mortals, or mortal organizations
  2. There are secret societies at work
  3. In every period of history, there was a vast dependable network that allowed the safe distribution of information. In most periods, those were the couriers.
  4. There are unexplained histories
  5. Living Legends
  6. Magical Traditions
  7. Magical Materials
  8. A culture that puts great emphasis on personal honor
  9. One religion that everyone is familiar with, and the only institutionalized religion
  10. There are other planes, they are connected to each other, and to our world
  11. Legendary Magical Artifacts
  12. Magic always demands effort, and it has a cost
  1. Aliens
  2. Cthulhu, and other Old Gods, or other aspects of the Mythos
  3. Time Travel
  4. Mind control (and other mind altering effects)
  5. Flying Ships, steampunk, things that look like steampunk
  6. Faster-than-Horse travel or communication
  7. “Elves”
  8. Fairies
  9. One-Hit-Victories, and I-Win buttons
  10. Ressuractions