Dill Soto, of House White Dragon, is the Hierophant of the Faith in Temma, the most holy man in the city.

He is also, as is well known, corrupt to the bone, and facilitates much of the city's corruption and graft through his office and associates. They say he spent a fortune, bribing enough guild members to become a Sheriff.

He is sometimes believed to be the same man as the Honest Man, but that would seem to be against character, since he is also notoriously mendacious and cannot be trusted. Also, why would the Honest Man go to all that trouble of hiding his identity from his associates, and then draw such attention to himself? Well then, asks the other fellow - then how come the Hierophant is allowed to traffic is such lucrative unlawful enterprises, and still be free of the Honest Man's control? Why doesn't he go to war to bring the Hierophant under his heel?

That is a good question.