One of the most well-known and most popular tradition today, this tradition grew out of knowledge collected by witches and warlocks, but transformed into something much more flexible and ordered; it is infused in many places by the influences of Empaths and Empathic magic, but instead of limiting itself to specific uses and domains, it sets out to learn as much as possible about the world and other planes, and the various applications of sorcery. Sorcerers are always very dedicated and educated practitioners, as this tradition, as powerful as it can be, is very weak at its lower rungs.

Sorcerers, who also style themselves Sages, or Mages, congregate in various schools, colleges and towers, where they can study magical questions and mysteries over years and decades, and share that research with each other.

Most magical effects can be duplicated by Sorcery, though often at a slower pace and with higher cost; Sorcery is also never “organic”, and cannot be independently discovered. 

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