Among the three members of the Cheapside Coven, the least is known about this one. It is rumored she died twice, and this is her third life; that she gave birth to five other witches, all of whom were the most powerful witches of their time, and that she outlived all five of them. It is rumored she has the largest and the most extensive Book of Shadows in Temma. Some say she is more loyal to the Librarian than to the First Sister, and only fear of her terrible power keeps her sisters in check from punishing or even killing her. Little is actually known about her, and she seldom speaks with outsiders, and never hires out her talents, unless forced to by her sisters. She sometimes frequent very seedy bars around the Cripples, where she would sit in silence an entire evening, sipping slowly from crystal cup with a sweet blood-red drink, before taking a young wench to her bed.